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Welcome to my website. I hope you find it informative and enlightening.

Hello,My name is Rick Howcroft I am a fully trained and qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and E.F.T. Practitioner {Emotional Freedom Technique} and I work from my consulting rooms in central Chelmsford or can visit clients in their own home, or a venue that they choose.

I have loved and enjoyed so much being involved with horses and ponies all my life and enjoy working with riders at all levels, whether they may be experiencing competition nerves, or have issues preventing them from fulfilling their full potential in or out of the show ring,or dressage arena.You may just want to enjoy being a happy hacker,  feeling more confident out hacking or enjoying a fun ride in a new environment You may be experiencing problems handling your horse on the ground, loading problems or towing nerves.I have competed in many of the equestrian disciplines myself and understand the problems that horse owners,riders and competitors come up against emotionally, mentally and physically.

Quite often my clients that come for hypnotherapy initially find that working with me and their own horses and ponies physically and mentally rewarding, productive too..I always emphasise to my clients that my approach to working together is more of an exchange of ideas and I hope to develop their sense of feel and empathy with their horse or pony,when riding or working and handling them,in any situation.

I love working in a broad spectrum and work with people from every walk of life, helping them through experiencing hypnotherapy, to solve issues or patterns of behaviour that they may be experiencing that they wish to change, so to improve their life and well-being.Hypnotherapy,NLP,Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) is beneficial for children,teenagers and adults.

A good rapport between client and therapist is vitally important.

The client and therapist must feel at ease and relaxed in each others company if the therapy is to be a success. I give a free 30 minute consultation so the client and I feel that we will enjoy working together in a professional,therapeutic and ethical relationship. I also utilize this time to answer any questions the client may have about the treatment plan I would devise, or hypnotherapy in general. If the client has no experience of hypnotherapy, I will explain very simply how and why hypnotherapy can work so well to resolve so many issues in a such a short period of time. I have had a great success rates working with clients coming to therapy presenting the following issues:

Agoraphobia and Claustrophobia.

Anger and Temper management.

Anxiety and Stress management.


Compulsive behaviour, gambling, kleptomania, overspending.

Confidence building and boosting low self esteem.


Driving Test nerves.

Examination nerves and Studying problems.


Drug and Alcohol dependency.

Fear of public speaking, flying, heights, etc.


Sexuality and Trans gender issues and fetishes.

Sports and Performance and Enhancement

Smoking cessation and nicotine addiction.

Weight loss and Hypno Gastric band Therapy.

Relationship issues,couples or singles.

Pain control and Pain management.

Procrastination and motivation.

IBS and Gastritis problems.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorders.

Nail biting and Hair pulling and Nervous Disorders.

For the treatment of IBS and Gastric related problems a treatment plan of five to six sessions over a three month period is the treatment plan I have found to be the most successful. Sufferers symptoms are often alleviated by up to as much as 80% after following this treatment plan.

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